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Pivot graduates emerge from the program with more friends, more knowledge, and more skills to improve their own health and the health of those they care about. Pivot graduates have also gone on to become community health leaders in their own communities, with many graduates now working in queer, trans, and Two Spirit health.

If you want to become a health leader in your community, Pivot could be the right program for you! Check out our partners page to find a program near you. If you can’t find a partner in your community, contact us using the form below so that we can link you with a program near you that isn’t featured on the site or help you identify an organization in your community that might be able to deliver the program in the future.

Pivot delivery partners have experienced a range of positive benefits from delivering the program, sharing that graduates of the program have helped them reach organizational objectives, satisfy funder requirements, and better serve their community.

Pivot delivery partners gain access to a range of program assets to maximize their success in planning for and delivering the program. These include:

  • access to updated program materials such as facilitator guides, session outlines and sample slide decks, evaluation tools, and promotional materials
  • evaluation support and access to national Pivot evaluation reports
  • access to a network of delivery partners across the country and local program content they’ve created and made accessible for adaptation
  • access to new collaborative funding opportunities

If you want to begin the process of becoming an official Pivot delivery partner, complete the following form and we’ll be in contact with you soon.