Locations & Delivery Programs

While CBRC acts as the national coordinator of the Pivot program, Pivot is delivered by a range of community partners across the country. These partners play a crucial role in the development delivery, and evaluation of the program. Without their efforts, Pivot could not have experienced the success it has today.

Unlike CBRC-designed community health leadership programs which have been delivered for a decade or more and have consistent delivery partners like Investigaytors and Totally Outright, Pivot is currently in a pilot development phase and has not yet been integrated into the ongoing programming of many organizations. As Pivot moves beyond its pilot development phase and becomes more integrated into the programming of partner organizations, we will update our list of program delivery partners. In the meantime, we will list program partners delivering the program during the current pilot development cycle.

Note: Multiple of our pilot delivery partners had to reschedule their programs due to COVID-19. These partners are not currently featured but will be added once revised delivery plans are complete. We appreciate your patience during this challenging time.