Partner Resources


CANFAR’s Educator Guides are developed by a community of experts with diverse backgrounds and experiences, and cover a range of topics including: Identity & Self Awareness, Healthy Relationships & Consent, HIV/AIDS Basics, and HIV Risk & Prevention. These guides include grade-appropriate activities and correspond to curricula across all Canadian provinces and territories.


CATIE is Canada’s primary source for HIV and HCV information. CATIE includes information surrounding a range of sexual health and substance use topics. CATIE offers online articles, print resources, and free online courses through “educatie”.


CBRC's core pillars - community-led research, knowledge exchange, network building, and leadership development - position the organization as a thought leader, transforming ideas into actions that make a difference in our communities. CBRC’s library contains a range of useful resources for delivery partners including reports from Sex Now, Canada’s largest and longest running health study of GBT2Q men.


The Enchanté Network is an organization connecting and supporting 2Spirit and LGBTQ+ communities across Canada through providing resources, training, and peer to peer networking. Enchanté’s member organizations include everything from small, volunteer-driven 2Spirit and LGBTQ advocacy groups to large frontline service-oriented community centres, from coast to coast to coast. Enchanté can provide a useful network of likeminded organizations for delivery partners looking to engage more partners in their programming.


Engage is a 5-year Canadian collaboration between researchers and community-based organizations on HIV and sexual health among gay, bi, and queer men, including trans men, and other men who have sex with men (gbMSM) in Canada. Its three primary aims are to provide research evidence to inform HIV and STBBI prevention initiatives for Canadian gbMSM, build capacity for a pan-Canadian network on HIV and sexual health research for gbMSM, and integrate community engagement into all stages of the project to enhance community-researcher collaboration and bidirectional knowledge exchange. The Engage team offers a range of publications which can help delivery partners better understand the sexual health experiences of GBT2Q men in Canada.

Trans Pulse

The Trans PULSE Project (Ontario) was a community-based research (CBR) project that investigated the impact of social exclusion and discrimination on the health of trans people in Ontario, Canada. Trans PULSE includes a range of resources which can help providers better understand the health and wellbeing of trans people living in Canada.